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Best Direction is the latest single from Canadian DIY punk trio, ZIG MENTALITY. The Ottawa trio of brothers - Jig Dubé (bass/lead vocals), Liam Dubé (lead guitar) and Quinn Dubé (drums/backup vocals) - proudly live up to their chosen name on their latest release. “ZIG MENTALITY means being ready to adapt and grow,” exclaims Jig. “A zig is a sharp change in direction, so we’re willing to keep an open mind and break rules. That goes for the fact that we’re playing rock music our own way."

Armed with cash from their major record deal, ZIG MENTALITY built a studio in their basement, eliminating any influence from music executives in the creative process. Best Direction is the first product of this fully DIY endeavour, but you absolutely wouldn't know it. If you're a ZIG virgin, don't come expecting anything less than pure, unfiltered noise - and we mean that in the best way. The song steamrolls forward with punk rock riffs and catchy hooks as the band reflects on the ups and down of being signed to a major as well as the new direction it has led them to find.

“This track is what ZIG MENTALITY sounds like when you tell the A&Rs, producers and engineers to keep their habitual over practiced pieces of advice to themselves. You can make the argument that many bands “lose control of their direction” as their careers progress and more people get involved, but you can’t make that argument about Zig,” says Jig.

During 2019, the band inked a deal with Universal and hit the studio with producers Sacha Skarbek and Florian Reutter to work on their debut release. After the label refused to release the LP, the band set out to regain independence in 2020, recording a fresh set of tracks self-engineered, self-produced, self-mixed, and self-mastered in their new studio - meaning Best Direction is our first delicious taste of things to come.

The band, formerly known as dubé, has received over four million streams across their catalogue to date. In between tours with the likes of COUNTERFEIT. and cleopatrick, ZIG MENTALITY graced the stage of Northern Invasion alongside icons including Tool and Alice In Chains.

Everything ZIG MENTALITY do embodies the meaning of punk, but with a crisp-edged sound that belongs firmly in the 21st century - and Best Direction is no different. It exemplifies what can happen when raw musical talent is left untouched by commercial hands, and we can't wait for more.


Stream Best Direction on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Review by Courtney Myers

Photography by Flee Normality

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