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SINGLE REVIEW: Bullet Farm by Dead Pony

Glasgow's fierce threesome Dead Pony have returned with an infectious new single Bullet Farm, their first release since 2020's insanely good 23, Never Me.

Dead Pony by Cameron Brisbane

Here at the Coven we've been patiently waiting for the Scottish trio to make a comeback, spinning their string of singles including Sex Rich and Sharp Tongues on repeat eagerly. Released via LAB Records, the new track Bullet Farm proves that the wait was worth it, with its takes-no-shit fearlessness and addictive aggression.

Opening with a warning siren and punchy riff, Dead Pony let you know that they're armed and dangerous from the get-go. Fuelled by a spiky bassline and heart-racing drums, Bullet Farm elevates Dead Pony's riotous punk to exhilarating sleazy garage rock. Singer and guitarist Anna Sheilds leads the track with her gripping vocals on a battle-ready chorus. Dead Pony's high voltage energy and relentless heat keeps us on our toes as they always pack a punch.

Commenting on the inspiration for the new track, Anna says: "The idea for Bullet Farm came during a night watching the new Mad Max film. I remember during one of the gripping chase scenes, I was washed over by inspiration for a riff and I ran downstairs to record it into my phone quickly.

"The chaotic and rebellious vibe of the song is mirroring the movie and it is fast paced and hectic with just a small break to catch your breath," explains Anna. "Bullet Farm is about excitement, turbulent energy and defiance similar to what I felt whilst watching that movie. I really want whoever listens to this song to feel like they have fallen straight into the middle of a Mad Max chase scene and to be immersed in the adrenaline and rebelliousness of the song."

Bullet Farm definitely gets us fired up and ready to throw some punches - BRB, gotta add it to our 'fuck you' playlists.

Kickstarting this new era of Dead Pony with a fiery single isn't enough for the band as they're about to embark on a UK tour with fellow Scots Twin Atlantic, as well as playing The Road To The Great Escape Glasgow with Coven faves Sprints and Momma. 2022 looks like it might be a big year for Dead Pony, so wise up and add them to your watchlist now!

Dead Pony live dates:


Sun 8th May - Twin Atlantic support, London, Roundhouse

Mon 9th May - Twin Atlantic support, Newcastle, Boilershop

Wed 11th May - Twin Atlantic support, Inverness, Ironworks

Thu 12th May - Twin Atlantic support, Glasgow, Barrowlands

Fri 13 May - THE GREAT ESCAPE, Brighton

Sat 14 May - THE GREAT ESCAPE, Brighton

Sun 15th May - Twin Atlantic support, Leeds, Stylus

Tues 17th May - Twin Atlantic support, Manchester, Ritz

Weds 18th May - Twin Atlantic support, Bristol, O2 Academy

Thurs 19th May - Twin Atlantic support, Birmingham, O2 Institute

Fri 8th July - TRNSMT Festival

Listen to Bullet Farm on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Cameron Brisbane

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