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SINGLE REVIEW: Disinfect by Black Honey

HOLY. FUCK. This one is HUGE! Coven favourites Black Honey have just dropped a new single, Disinfect, and it's easily their heaviest song yet! Disinfect is the latest single from the Brighton quartet's upcoming sophomore album, Written & Directed, due to be released next month. And you need to hear this one before the album comes out.

After kickstarting 2021 with Believer and its gorgeous Tarantino-inspired cinematic music video (which, of course we reviewed, so check out that one here if you missed it), Black Honey show no signs of slowing down as they reveal another new song and music video a month before their new album drops. So turn up your speakers, grab that hand sanitiser, and get ready for the band's biggest banger yet, Disinfect!

"This was like a game-changer on the album for us," comments lead singer and songwriter Izzy Phillips on the track. "This was the song that after we wrote it, we were like, 'shit, okay, this record wants to be a heavy record!'" And when she says heavy, she fucking means it.

Black Honey fans know that if there's one song guaranteed to open up a pit, it's typically Spinning Wheel - but in a post-pandemic world where mosh pits can be a thing again, you can bet Disinfect will be coming for that crown.

Opening with a silky bassline and sparkling percussion, Izzy's honey-thick voice sings "We are just a virus / Addicted to the violence" as the track builds in tension - it's chilling, it's sexy, it's everything you want from a Black Honey song. And there it is: that sharp, ear-piercing guitar screech as Disinfect launches you headfirst into its fast, raucous chorus. There's no holding back as the track drowns you in its harsh and loud frenzy of rock richness. As Izzy's harmonies lap over each other, the instruments crash into a heavy, brilliant chaos that you just have to bang your head along to. "Disinfect the disaffected" repeats Izzy over the chorus, in a haunting, almost monotone inflection, but we couldn't be further from disaffected with this track - we are obsessed.

Despite the title Disinfect suggesting it was influenced by the events of 2020 and the Coronavirus outbreak, the song was written pre-all-this-bullshit back in the summer of 2019. "The song was inspired by this film called Over The Edge, which is actually Kurt Cobain's favourite movie, and it's about these kids in America that overrun their town and they burn down their school," explains Izzy. "The song is about the pandemic, but not about the pandemic. We wrote it before the pandemic, but it feels like a precursor or a premonition of sorts."

While many artists have been creating new music directly inspired by the nightmare of the world around us this past year, it's funny how Black Honey accidentally wrote the perfect pandemic song before it even happened. We're not saying Izzy Phillips is psychic, but we would trust her to do a tarot card reading for us.

Like the previously released singles before it, Disinfect is fantastically unique while still a staple Black Honey track. From the surf-rock elements of Beaches, to frantic, feminist-charged Run For Cover, and deadly Halloween anthem I Like The Way You Die, each song highlights the versatility of Black Honey's musical talent, and deliciously dark Disinfect is no different.

The music video for Disinfect is a social commentary collage, featuring clips from news reports on politics, current events, and disasters, as well as scenes from films such as The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and Psycho, juxtaposing the horrors of real life with dramatised fictional horror. It's as explosive as the song itself. If Disinfect leaves you hungry for more Black Honey, then don't worry, as we'll get one final single before Written & Directed arrives on March 19th. And you can be sure we'll keep you updated, because you will not want to miss one of the biggest album releases of the year!

Stream Disinfect on Spotify and Apple Music

Pre-order Written & Directed here

Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Laura Allard-Fleischl

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