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SINGLE REVIEW: Everybody Hates Me by Coach Party

After featuring on our Rock Coven's Sounds of 2021 list, we expected big things from Coach Party - and with their first single of the year, Everybody Hates Me, the Isle of Wight four-piece have not let us down. The new track is a sparkling gem that encapsulates spiralling anxiety and self-consciousness to the tune of lively indie-rock. Everybody Hates Me arrives with the announcement of their new aptly named EP After Party, set for release on April 20th via Chess Club Records.

Coach Party by Phoebe Fox

Last year saw Coach Party reach new heights with the success of their debut EP Party Food as it sparked their increasingly exciting association with Chess Club Records - a label famed for breaking new talent (including recent indie darlings Alfie Templeman, Phoebe Green, and Pixey). Following the EP, the band released two captivating singles - Can't Talk, Won't and Really OK on My Own - the former receiving rapturous support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq and Jack Saunders (who crowned the track a Next Wave) on BBC Radio 1. Now, new single Everybody Hates Me continues Coach Party's winning streak as they come through with another future hit.

"Everybody Hates Me isn’t a metaphor for anything; it’s literally about those times when you convince yourself that everyone, including your best friends don’t actually like you, and your self-confidence is so low that you don’t even blame them. Disguise that sentiment in an up-beat singalong, and there you have the third single from our new record," explains vocalist Jess Eastwood.

With its angular guitar riffs, bouncy percussion, and Eastwood's earnest vocals, Everybody Hates Me delivers as a a raw, danceable indie-rock track that indulges in wallowing in all of its self-hating glory to create something that's both vulnerable and vibrant. 'Everybody hates me / I'm boring and unhappy' sings Eastwood on the chorus, her almost-deadpan infection emphasising the emotionally exposed lyrics, backed with the track's shimmering guitar-led instrumentals that are staple Coach Party - we always know they're going to bring a banger with each new release, and Everybody Hates Me is no exception.

On the accompanying music video, which was directed by Daniel Broadley, Eastwood comments: "The video is a direct extension of the song. It swings between the insecurities of feeling like you’re not good enough amongst your friends, and the sense of unity you get from those same people when you finally wake up from your rut. Everyone feels that way from time to time, but you gotta remember that sometimes your irrational self is going to take over. And when it does, try to remember that you’re awesome, and your friends really are your friends."

Coach Party by Phoebe Fox

Written amidst the chaos of 2020, upcoming EP After Party focuses on themes of everyday life and was recorded, produced, and mixed by the band’s own Guy Page (drums). Eastwood says: "Each song on the After Party EP came quite naturally to us, many of them are about difficult people, whether that be work colleagues, family members, and even ourselves (like in Everybody Hates Me). In other tracks we talk about whether we’d be okay on our own and dealing with self doubt and lack of trust - it’s self deprecating but in a positive therapeutic kind of way."

"We wanted the sound of the band to come through in a more natural and raw way on this record, capturing a specific moment in time. It feels to us like a sequel which gets a bit more love than the original - like Bogus Journey to Excellent Adventure. We had a feeling that it might be a long time before we get to play live again so a part of us wanted to make this EP a bit like a gig and refrain from going mad with overdub... face melting riffs over studio tricks. Rumour has it that Paul McCartney wanted to produce this one, but we told him we need a little longer to carve our own sound and told him to call back in 2021... he might have lost our number."

With the new EP due for release on April 20th, you can catch us spinning Everybody Hates Me on repeat until then. Check out the After Party tracklist below:

1. Can't Talk, Won't

2. Crying Makes Me Tired

3. Really Ok On My Own

4. Everybody Hates Me

5. i'm sad

6. Sweetheart

Pre-order the EP here

Watch the Everybody Hates Me music video:

Stream Everybody Hates Me on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Phoebe Fox

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