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SINGLE REVIEW: Fall In Fall Out by The Luka State

The Luka State were hands down our favourite discovery of last year, and much to our delight, they've just released the title track from their debut album: Fall In Fall Out, which is due to be released on January 29th.

The Cheshire 4-piece of Conrad Ellis (vocals), Sam Bell (bass), Jake Barnabas (drums), and Lewis Pusey (guitar) recently signed with Shelter Records/BMG. Following singles Feel It and Bury Me which have seen incredible recent success on Spotify, the LP is set to be a bonafide face-melter - with frontman Conrad's perfectly gritty and roaring vocals and some stadium hooks thrown in for good measure.

"We love a good ballad in this band, I think they're important. They set bands apart sometimes, like you're not just a one trick pony, and you can fucking play other styles of music and do it well, and tastefully. If any song's gonna throw you from what you're really expecting of us, it's this tune. It's about existing together and living together. I guess it's a love song - it's about falling in and out of love."

Showcasing their more vulnerable side, Fall In Fall Out is a heartfelt ballad, but still with that signature Luka State rock sensibility. We can definitely picture belting this one out whilst swaying from side to side in the middle of a rammed stadium with a lighter in hand, and tears in our eyes (one day guys, one day). It's an anthemic serenade - reminiscent of classic Oasis (think Don't Look Back In Anger or Stop Crying Your Heart Out).

"This is a song that was written at home just with an acoustic guitar, and then brought to the band and we all just saw the bigger picture straight away. We wanted to do it justice, we didn't want to have it just as an acoustic song like Bold with just a few things layering it, the song needed more. It's got a gospel choir on it, that kinda thing. We thought, fuck it, let's just have fun with it because why not?"

The more chilled nature of this track allows the angelic resonance of Conrad's voice to really penetrate your soul and take you away to some kind of heavenly realm, where you completely forget the whole fucking world is on fire. Be careful listening to this lover's lament, you might Fall In (it's too late for us, save yourselves)! But with the way this year's going already, we could all do with a little bit of romance to cheer us up, surely?

Listen to Fall In Fall Out on Spotify and Apple Music

Pre-order the album here

Review by Courtney Myers

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