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SINGLE REVIEW: Fallin' THRU by BathTub

Fallin’ THRU is the second track to fall under BathTub’s 'new era' - and a perfect sequel to their previous single, INTRODUCTION. Accepting that ‘rock music,’ as we know it, is dead, they're taking inspiration from the New Rock Mafia and pushing the boundaries of the genre. With infectious bass guitar hooks and hard-hitting lyrics, the angsty fuzz-fuelled duo create huge sounds from just two instruments, and are relentless in bringing us more of the hard hitting guitar music that the world desperately needs - so it's hardly surprising they were voted most likely to make it big in 2021 by BBC Introducing Stoke. Everyone say "Thank you BathTub!"

The track - which will be released on the 5th of February - instantly makes an impact. Remember when Royal Blood started out and everyone was asking how two people could possibly make so much noise? BathTub have taken that idea and run a fucking marathon with it. After a bit of flirting with the bass, you're teased with Brandon's monstrous drums before it all kicks off in a raunchy cacophony of mouth-watering noise. Flaunting Olly's raw, authentic vocals, Fallin' THRU brims with attitude from all angles.

We're invited to watch the boys paint the vivid picture of a past toxic relationship, and the track’s relentless pace and aggressive breakdowns reflect the emotions still felt towards it. "Sometimes no matter how bad things were, you just can’t help but want to give things another go." Even if those feelings of venomous rage, longing and confusion aren't something you can relate to, the frenzied breakdown at 2:45 will convey everything you need to know - it's pure, unadulterated filth.

The track was recorded at Lower Lane Studios in September 2020 and produced by Sam Bloor. The music video for the track will follow the release, as well as a live version of the track performed Live at The Honey Box Sessions, recorded at King Street Studios, Newcastle-under-Lyme, on November 13th 2020. So there's plenty to look forward to from these two!

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Review by Courtney Myers

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