FEATURE: Brighton's Hottest New Band, MUFF

We'd like to introduce you to one of Brighton's most exciting new bands, MUFF. The 5-piece are Jade (vocals), Lia (rhythm guitar), Anna (lead guitar), Bella (bass) and Chloe (drums).

Having frequented the live-music scene pre-COVID, the ladies used lockdown to remotely record their track Prized Possession. With its threatening slow build, and beautifully eerie riff, the track emulates the feelings of living as a woman in a patriarchal society - quiet fear which quickly turns to blind, furious rage. It's something every woman can relate to, and it goes so fucking hard - we can't wait to hear more from them, so let's find out what their plans are!

Hi gals! Thanks so much for speaking to us. How have you been doing over the past few months?

Good thanks! Obviously it has been harder than usual to get together and be as creative as we wanted to be but we’re trying to make it work!

How long had you been together before shit hit the fan?

We formed during our first year of uni in March 2019. We had played some gigs through uni before the pandemic, but had just started to brave the world of local gig venues as lockdown was introduced.

What brought you together as a band?

Jade: I actually needed to form a band for a uni assessment. I really wanted to discuss important feminist issues and I felt like the perfect medium to do that was through a girl band. We clicked really well together and decided to try and get on the lineup at our university's End of Term Gig - which we did! It was refreshing to play with other women who knew what it was like being a musician in a male dominated industry/genre, so we have since continued writing original music together.

How important do you think it is for increased exposure of women in the music industry?

It is SO important! It would be so cool to one day see women in bands not referred to as "female musicians", or to not have someone say “you’re good for a girl!”. Let's normalise all women in all genres. The music industry doesn’t currently proportionally represent everyone, which is crazy.

As music students ourselves, we know there are so many talented individuals that don’t identify as male, that just aren’t being given opportunities. This article by Vick Bain explains this all so well: “An analysis of [2020’s] main stages at Reading and Leeds showed that only 13 per cent of musicians on-stage [would have been] women”.

Would you say you all have the same kind of taste in music, and how did this affect your collective inspo for the band's output?

We’re all quite rock influenced, but I don’t think we have the exact same taste - there’s definitely overlap in some areas. Although our taste in music differs slightly, we all have the same shared experience of the music industry. This is our driving force during songwriting sessions.

Listen to MUFF's Rock Coven playlist here.

How have you found lockdown to affect you creatively?

Honestly it has been tough. We’re all in our final year of uni, so it would have been stressful in a normal scenario! Due to COVID restrictions/lockdown etc, we’re not all living in the same area, so we've been trying our best to work through zoom. We’re still creating, but probably not at the pace we would have liked. Although challenging, this pandemic has forced us to find work-arounds when it comes to staying active as a band.

We loved the Prized Possession lockdown video - can you tell us a little bit about the song?

It’s a personal song that’s really important to all of us. The topic of sexual harassment is sensitive and often dismissed. According to a YouGov poll 52% of women aged 18-24 said they had been sexually harassed in a public place - this is something that really resonates with us and we felt like we needed to speak out about the subject. We felt it was necessary for the song to be hard hitting to clearly get the message across.

Loving the illustrated aesthetic you guys have got going on - is that an inside job?

The artwork is made by Lia. We believe in DIY and it’s a great way to connect to our content.

Lia: It feels more personal to make the art myself. We can create a visual presence and its also just really fun. I like drawing and I find it therapeutic - it's a great way to speak without words! The cute flat art style juxtaposes our sound, but I feel like it clashes in the best way.

Will we be hearing anything new from you in the near future?

I hope so. We've been working collectively to create a series of youtube videos similar to our Prized Possession lockdown video. We aim to get these out around easter time. You can keep up with this by subscribing to us on YouTube (@MUFFTUBE) and by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok (@MUFFBAND).

We've noticed you're not on any streaming platforms yet - is that in the works, or are you against it?

We aren’t against it at all no! We just want to release good quality music, and as we aren’t living in the same city at the moment we have decided to wait until we can gig again. It would feel weird for our first release to have been recorded remotely. We are currently trying to focus on connecting with a fanbase by posting online.

What's the vision for the band, where would you like to be in a couple of years?

We just want to gig again really, and spread our message of female power and inclusivity. We’d really like to play some festivals, but that's a different story for a different day!

Hopefully it'll be sooner than we think. Thank you so much for speaking to us!

Listen to the MUFF's Picks playlist on Spotify

Review and interview by Courtney Myers

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