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SINGLE REVIEW: Grow Up Tomorrow by The Beaches

Canada's coolest quartet The Beaches are back with the most relatable indie anthem of the century, Grow Up Tomorrow. We'd been longing for another taste of their 70s infused grunge-pop since Blow Up was released last year, so thank fuck that this is the start of an onslaught of new music from the Toronto talents.

The Beaches by Becca Hamel

Earlier this year, The Beaches shared a full-length album Sisters Not Twins (The Professional Lovers Albums), combining the band’s 2019 EP, The Professional, and their 2021 follow-up, Future Lovers. However, in the wake of the release they’re showing no signs of slowing down. The band are following with a string of new singles this year, starting with Grow Up Tomorrow.

As the band describe, the track “ a summer banger about being in a state of arrested development but enjoying the hell out of it.” Laid back in nature, Grow Up Tomorrow throws the spotlight on Jordan's syrupy-sweet vocals, with some airy harmonies, and an addictive-yet-effortless riff and chorus. With its classically Beaches unaffected wit and happy-go-lucky energy (and chuck in some cheerful whistling for good measure) this song will be hard to forget in a hurry.

What we love most about the track is the lyrics: a perfectly honest reflection of how it feels to be in your late twenties - living a lifestyle of nights out and avoiding laundry day, when everyone around you seems to have their shit together already. It's self-deprecating, but in an "I don't give a fuck" kinda way. And it's spot on. Because really, what's the bloody rush?

Leandra says of the accompanying music video: “since the song is such a fun bop we wanted to represent it in the only way we know how: by throwing a house party with all of our closest friends. I’ve recently come into my own in the queer community, who have welcomed me with open arms, so I wanted to make sure we represented this new, big part of my life in the video.”

Named after the Toronto neighbourhood they all hail from, The Beaches are carrying the rock ‘n’ roll flame straight into 2022. Their seventies aesthetic, unapologetic attitude and electrifying sound keep us coming back for more. Comprised of sisters Jordan and Kylie Miller (on lead vocals/bass and guitar, respectively), Eliza Enman-McDaniel (on drums), and Leandra Earl (on keys and guitar), the band has a natural chemistry that shines fluorescently through in their music and live performances.

The Beaches have become one of Canada’s hottest exports, gaining recognition from some of the world's most renowned artists - including the likes of Elton John, who has proclaimed “love them, love them, love them!” clearly we're in good company.

We can't wait to see what's next from the gang, so keep your eyes firmly on the Coven for all things The Beaches!

Review by Courtney Myers

Photography by Becca Hamel

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