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Genre-bending artist LUNA AURA has teamed up with Canadian queens Softcult to serve us a new version of her bombastic alt-rock hit HONEY.

When LUNA AURA unveiled her original version of HONEY back in 2020, we were immediately hooked by her hot-blooded vibrancy, raucous rock edge, and killer aesthetics. The track has gone on to amass over 7 million streams on Spotify, countless editorial playlist features, and appearances on major TV shows like Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

HONEY was the lead single off LUNA's irresistibly vicious Three Cheers For The American Beauty EP, which tackled bold themes such as rebellion, feminism, and individuality to a soundtrack of technicolour rock with a tinge of dark pop sensibilities.

Now, she's has revisited the track and united with grunge-rock twins Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn of Softcult to deliver the remixed Honey (feat. Softcult). Fresh off the release of their Year of the Snake EP, Softcult's guitar-laden gloom-rock comments on misogyny and mental health, this collab with makes perfect sense.

HONEY (feat. Softcult) is a teeth-bared sonic onslaught of gritty alt-pop rock. Softcult blend their signature haunting fuzz with LUNA AURA's in-your-face ferocity to perfect the sugar-rush-fuelled anthem. This sickeningly sweet match made in heaven is one you need to sink your teeth into. Anyone who follows our Discovery playlist knows that here at the Coven we're obsessed with both artists, so this team-up is a dream come true that we never saw coming in our crystal ball.

Speaking on the track, LUNA AURA says: "HONEY is about resilience, power, and the courage to show your teeth in a world that expects you to sit and look pretty. It only made sense to pull in Softcult to feature on this track because of their raw, feminine grit and unique sound," explains Luna. "This elevate version of HONEY is a product of strong women coming together in art, and is yet another blinding example of why female voices are an absolute necessity in rock music."

Softcult also weighed in: "We're so excited to get to work with Luna Aura on the new version of the song. We loved the original version of Honey already, so it's amazing getting to be a part of it now, and to collaborate with another badass trailblazing woman in the music industry."

Women in rock joining forces? We love to see it.

Queen of camp horror Luna Aura has also unleased a blood-stained video to accompany the new track. Watch it here:

Stream Honey (feat. Softcult) on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Chloe Robbins

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