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SINGLE REVIEW: I'm The Same by Murmur

Brighton trio Murmur's first offering of the year is a crunchy cacophony of thick basslines and self-reflective lyrical exploration. I’m the Same is the second single to arrive from Murmur's yet-to-be-announced debut EP, which is due for release this summer.

Murmur by Sam KP Morris

Having shared the stage with Coven faves like Sick Joy, THYLA, and CLT DRP, Murmur bring that sort of hefty, guitar-heavy alternative noise that you know we have a thirst for here. The band has already garnered notable fans in Huw Stephens, Daniel P. Carter, and Rob Adcock, with previous singles Shame and Cradle setting the bar for Murmur's raw, frenzied alt-rock sound.

Latest slice I'm the Same is easily Murmur's hottest, heaviest banger yet. Opening with a fuzzy bassline and punching drums, the track lands perfectly between a mix of grungy melancholy and trashy, headbanging rock anthem - and what more could you want? Swimming in textured tension in the verses, the song dives into a chaos of screeching guitars and thunderous percussion crashing into each other on the brutal chorus.

Singer/guitarist George Mills' vocals carry a melodic desolation, breathing a dark, unhinged life into the track, as I’m the Same’s narrative comes from a person's fear of becoming someone they’re not. George explains, "The main body of lyrical content is a confrontation, a visceral urge to acknowledge ones battle with adhering to the pressures of society, forever feeling flawed. A realisation that ones desire to become validated by strangers is jeopardising their identity and their ability to love themselves for who they truly are."

Having played notable and successful gigs at Y Not Festival and The Alternative/Great Escape (2017 - 2019), Murmur have proven to be an engaging and exciting contributor to Brighton's underground sphere, and audience reaction has demonstrated a renewed fervour for alternative guitar music across the UK.

Murmur by Sam KP Morris

I'm the Same sees Murmur certify themselves as another solid gem to come from Brighton's fierce alternative scene, and it's no doubt that their upcoming debut EP will be a hit for those of us who crave that scuzzy alt-rock richness.

Stream I'm the Same on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Sam KP Morris

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