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SINGLE REVIEW: Individuation by The Dunts

Ending the year on a reflective note, The Dunts release their final single of 2020, Individuation. Stepping off stage after their sold-out headline show at Glasgow’s SWG3 in March and straight into a national lockdown, the four-piece outfit have kept busy where they could this year, despite plans to record their debut album stunted by the closure of their long-time home at Lo-Fi Studios in Glasgow.

In defiance of the loss of live shows and the setback of recording their debut record, The Dunts latest single Individuation shines with an optimistic and introspective attitude, set to the tune of a high-energy, riff-driven punk rock melody. And, fuck, isn’t that exactly what we need after the year we’ve had?

The Dunts are: Rab Smith (vocals/guitar), Colin McGachy (guitar/vocals), David McFarlane (bass), and Kyle McGhee (drums).

Colin McGachy explains how the new single came to be: “Individuation is a counter to what we’re all feeling right now. It comes from trying to help yourself and kinda turned out as a kinda-self help thing for me, I had to will myself to feel better. It was written before COVID, I was reading through all these psychological books, trying to put these things into practice. You don’t even really need to know what Individuation is specifically but this might relate to someone who feels like their plans, their dreams have been derailed this year. We wanted to try and make something that had this positive energy to it.”

“When the opportunity to test out the new studio came, that’s when we thought about releasing something before the end of the year,” vocalist Rab Smith explains. “It would be easy to completely let everything that’s happened this year bury you. Individuation is a message to say ‘Don’t let this ruin you. Focus on what you can control, if you cannae, don’t sweat it and keep going’.”

With lyrics like ‘It always seems to fall apart / It always seems to fix itself’ and ‘Accept your situation, with individuation’, the track emphasises the importance of perseverance and positivity that has been inspiring the band in these trying times. Individuation is all about infectious attitudes and even more infectious riffs. Merging their message of self-care and optimism with a tasty indie-rock, punk-leaning instrumental lands The Dunts with a winning track.

Plans to record their first album are back in action with recording dates pencilled in for the New Year (fingers crossed it all goes to plan this time!). The follow-up to beloved EPs Not Working Is Class and Self-Proclaimed Council Punk ushers in a new direction for the award-winning Glaswegian group, setting The Dunts up to make up for lost time in 2021.

Immortalised in animation by Tongue Twister Films, the accompanying music video plays out as an uplifting stream of consciousness, a whimsical journey into the mind as it illustrates the song’s self-reflective lyrics.

Watch the video for Individuation below:

Stream Individuation on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Christopher Madsen

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