INTERVIEW: BathTub on their new single, Introduction

Introduction is the latest release from Stoke-on-Trent based duo, BathTub. The feisty - and far from squeaky-clean - pair is made up of Olly MT (bass/vocals) and Brandon Fiore (drums).

Written to be an "Introduction" to the band's New Era, the song doesn't hold back on addressing the struggles the lads have faced in the industry so far. It's an angsty, punk comeback to the unsupportive nature of the UK rock environment - listen to Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But... by the Arctic Monkeys, and you'll get the idea.

The track goes straight fucking in, for lack of a better description. You're instantly hit with a killer riff that'll have you reaching for the nearest guitar (air ones will suffice) before getting smacked in the face by drums that wouldn't be out of place at a Royal Blood gig. If you like your music jam-packed with gritty punk energy, but also fancy some silky vocal melodies, you're in for a treat. Short, sharp and brilliant, when it ends you'll be smashing that replay button harder than Brandon on the drums - if that's possible.

Introduction is our favourite BathTub release to date, and if it's anything to go by, we're thrilled to see what the future holds for the talented pair. They're about to make a bloody big splash.


Courtney: How did BathTub come into existence?

Olly: Me and Brand formed BathTub in high school in 2017 - we started as a Nirvana cover band practicing in the school's music room. We found a guitar player in October of 2018, and played our first show in March 2019, selling out The Exchange in our hometown of Stoke-on-Trent.

After 7 months and an album, we parted ways with our guitarist. We made the decision to surge forwards as a duet, attempting to change people's perceptions of what two men and two instruments can achieve. Since October 2019, we've been playing shows all across the UK, trying to build a fanbase and perfect our new sound and live performances. Our last show was on the 26th of February, just before COVID-19 hit.

I can think of a few amazing duos - who would you say is your main inspiration? Our biggest influences are a lot of other duos such as Royal Blood, Death From Above 1979, and cleopatrick - the whole New Rock Mafia movement in general really!

So what's the story behind this new single, Introduction?

We wrote Introduction with the direct intention of it being our first release of this New Era. I knew we needed an "on", something that we could come back with. Something short, sweet, and energetic that would show people who we are and what we're about - but also without going overboard and throwing everything we've done in the last 14 months into this one track. It had to be digestible. I've always been a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to writing two and a half minute wonders, so that was the plan from the beginning really. We had a producer record it for us, he's a really great guy called Sam Bloor. He also recorded our first two singles in early 2019 and always gets the best out of us. The track is the perfect "Introduction" to our new era, because it touches on everything that was thrown our way in our first year or so - the year leading up to our album and big break. Every little smirk or remark that we recieved when we were just trying to get ourselves off the ground - from other bands, promoters, and venues that saw us as just another nuisance trying to break the scene. We address all that directly in this rather short track. The song basically just says that in our 2 years of being a band and playing all over the UK, we've learned that being a cunt doesn't get you anywhere. If you're going to be aggressive or territorial about your music career, and look down on smaller artists that were once in the same boat as you, then we just don't have any time for that. Sadly though, it seems like the current music industry will never get that.

What are your thoughts on the rock industry as it stands?

At the moment the scene is full of bands that all sound the same, and songs that aren't written about genuine experiences. Everyone is writing about stuff they know sells. Rock music has become so false, and we hate that. We hope to be pioneers of a new genre called New Rock - a genre of DIY and independent artists that are different, new, and exciting. Bands that do it for the music, and support each other.

Pre-save Introduction on Spotify.

Available to stream from 29/11/2020.

Review & interview by Courtney Myers

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