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Abrasive and experimental Brighton trio PROJECTOR are back with their brand new EP, Zero, injecting an electrifying dose of industrial-punk energy into their already achingly-atmospheric grunge aura.

PROJECTOR by Bridie Florence Cummings

The EP kicks off with title track Zero, which sees the band at their most exuberant, oozing confidence, clearly making themselves at home in their blistering new sound. Grinding electronics, drum machines and a hyper-energetic urgency all add a zesty grit to PROJECTOR’s incredibly sharp songwriting and Pixies-esque dual vocals.

Someone Calling lures you in with a classic rock n roll riff, before catching you off guard with hauntingly layered vocals and thunderous percussion, beautifully embellished by Lucy's catchy melodies. Same Dream packs a punch right from the offset, rolling in and out of intensity to keep you on the edge of your seat. Feels Like Something is the razor-sharp final track, perfectly demonstrating the three-piece's ability to balance their sound somewhere between frenzied, industrial sensory overload and a carefully crafted piece of art.

Nothing about PROJECTOR's music is ever as it seems - as transcendent as it is furious, as chaotic as it is meticulous - it's clear that this is a band on the cutting edge of the alt-rock scene. Doing whatever the fuck they want, how they want, better than anyone else, and carving out their very own niche in the process. You're gonna want to keep a close eye on this lot.

Luckily for you, we've made that a little easier - the Coven caught up with Lucy about all things Zero, Brighton and potential album plans!

PROJECTOR by Bridie Florence Cummings

Hey PROJECTOR! How have you been doing lately?

Good! It’s a stressful time - this new stuff has been so long in the works, we can’t believe it’s actually out!

Massive congrats on the release of your new EP, Zero. What made you choose that track in particular for the title?

ZERO the song was written in pre-production a few days before we went to record. It just feels like the most vital, most out there version of ourselves. It’s everything we like in music combined - a big chorus, weird sonic twitches, wacky timing. I think lyrically as well it summarises the feeling of the whole record - of dealing with feeling lonely, aimless, lost, and finding a way out of it.

We lapped up single ZERO when it was released back in March - it felt like you had confidently stepped into your sound and marked your territory within the genre. Was this something you felt aware of in the writing process, and did you do anything differently this time around?

Thank you! We definitely knew when we wrote it that it was something different. I think as a song it gave us the confidence to be weirder, heavier, more eclectic sonically. Knowing our fans will come with us as we go down the audio rabbit hole is awesome. The stuff we’ve written since has really taken that on board too - a couple of the new tracks have a Squid element, a bit of Sorry too - still melodic but in a more adventurous, erratic way.

Ahh, exciting! Do you have plans to drop an album at any point in the near future?

We can’t yet put dates on it, but yes. We have big ideas.

The Brighton music scene continues to go from strength to strength, and you guys are a gleaming example of just how fucking brilliant it is. How does being based in a city with so much going on creatively impact you as a band?

It’s funny with Brighton - it’s nowhere near as big as London, which you think would impact it creatively, but I think the small city vibe actually makes it better? Everyone knows each other, everyone’s checking out what’s next and what’s coming out, everyone’s rehearsing at the same studios. There’s a nice excitement and support there.

Equally, I think sometimes I’d like to be more blinkered, sometimes you need to not think of yourself as a Brighton band and ignore what’s hot, ‘cus what’s cool really will mean nothing in 6 months. You have to prove you’ve got something more lasting.

PROJECTOR by Bridie Florence Cummings

Gigs are back!! You must be so excited to get back out on tour in September. What are you most looking forward to?

We had such a good time on the last tour. I think a lot of people assume that tour is this crazy, random sequence of events, but in some ways it’s quite regimented and I like that. My life is so busy usually and I often crave routine, which tour actually offers. You get up, find food, drive to the next venue, sound check, play, hang out, sleep - then do it all again. It feels like a break from real life, reduced down to basic tasks. It’s hard - you don’t get much sleep, you can’t eat well, both things I really need - but meeting new people every night, playing live, seeing different cities, makes it all worth it.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, we can't wait to see you again soon!

Thanks for your support guys!

September 2021 tour dates:

16th - The Loft, Portsmouth

17th - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

18th - The Lexington, London

22nd - The Victoria, Birmingham

23rd - Exchange Basement, Bristol

Listen to ZERO on Spotify and Apple Music

Get tickets to see PROJECTOR here

Review and interview by Courtney Myers

Photography by Bridie Florence Cummings

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