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INTERVIEW: Nobody Everyone by Weekend Debt

Glasgow alt-rock four-piece Weekend Debt are back with their brand new single, Nobody Everyone, their first release since signing with Disobedient Records.

Weekend Debt by George McFadyen

Nobody Everyone is a ferocious, high-energy track, full of a raw authenticity that reflects the anxiety of modern relationships (or lack thereof). Steamrolling aggressively forward with gritty riffs - as well as euphonic yet incredibly catchy vocals you can imagine chanting along to in a buzzing, sweaty venue - this is the perfect 3 and a half minute dose of fret frustration, eventually exploding in a fiery blaze of self-deprecating angst and confusion.

Commenting on the track, guitarist Calvin Smith said: "Nobody Everyone is a song that came from bottled-up emotions about a breakup. The more I let these emotions get to me, the angrier and more upset I got, which probably resulted in such a hard and heavy tune, something we hadn't really delved into properly. It's definitely one of our favourite songs to play live."

Born and raised in Scotland listening to artists like The View and Paolo Nutini, much of Grant's songwriting is similarly inspired by personal and poetic stories moulded into catchy melodies. "The band really started out of sheer boredom. Being from Lanark in Scotland, there's not a lot to do. Harvey, Russell and I had been pals and really bonded through a shared love of music, so it started as more of a mess around. Once we started writing songs together, we decided to take it a bit more seriously, which led to Calvin joining the band, and from there it's just been a natural progression. It's great seeing how far we've come."

Starting 2020 with a packed headline show at Glasgow's King Tut's and release of fan favourite Legato (with over 50,000 Spotify listens), Weekend Debt found a new lease of life during lockdown and continued to create, write, and improve on their relationship as a band. Other recent singles Pomposity and Why Don’t You Realise? garnered attention across the UK, as well as support from BBC Introducing - so pay attention, these guys are definitely on the ascent.

We sat down with Grant to find out all about the new release and reflect upon their discography so far.

Weekend Debt by George McFadyen

Hello Weekend Debt! Thanks for speaking to us. How have you guys been doing lately?

We have been very good, thank you.

We're loving the explosive energy of Nobody Everyone - how do you think the track differs from your previous releases?

I think as you said, it is explosive. We initially wrote the song just before headlining Tut's last January, so I think we were aware that we wanted to write something that was really going to stand out and sound massive when played live. Recording it with Jamie really helped with that too cause he was at that show and remembered it when we got into the studio, so it was just a case of trying to re-create that energy and dynamism. I think we have done a pretty good job at it.

Your music has been pretty consistent in its raucous energy since debut Paragon, but what is the thing that gets you all fired up?

For me recently when writing, just getting into a state of mind where I can really dive into emotions is what gets me geared up to write. More times than not, I actually end up pissing myself off with it, and that gets me to really delve in. I dunno about the guys though, Harvey’s hair not sitting right is enough to wind him up.

We love how authentically Scottish your vocals are - how does being from Scotland influence the rest of Weekend Debt's sound?

It has influenced me massively. there is just something about somebody singing in a Scottish accent that really ties me to the song, and it makes me appreciate the lyrics so much more. I can just relate to it cause it's a voice I feel at home with, and I feel like it's them talking to me in conversation. It's no secret we take influence instrumentally from Scottish bands like Vistas and like Fatherson. I think cause we get to see the likes of these bands playing in venues that we play in, it makes us feel like what they are doing is achievable, and people are really into their sound, so why not give our take on that.

Weekend Debt by George McFadyen

Who are some of your favourite up and coming artists you think everyone should know about?

I say this all the time, but Gallus is a must. They are such a class live band and all such great guys. I find myself pretty frequently listening to them, and only them, for days. Their music is so infectious.

Guitar music seems to be soaring up the charts lately with the likes of Black Honey and The Snuts - what are your hopes for the genre and where do you see yourselves fitting in?

I just hope the genre can hold onto the raw, DIY-ness about it and it doesn’t get swallowed up into becoming more commercial. There are so many good opportunities for small bands these days which is great. I dunno if we really fit in there right now, but we think we bring something a bit different, and especially with the next few singles, show we have found our sound. Just need to see what happens I guess but we are hopeful.

Thanks so much for speaking to the Coven! We can't wait to hear more from you.

Stream Nobody Everyone on Spotify and Apple Music

Interview and review by Courtney Myers

Photography by George McFadyen

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