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SINGLE REVIEW: On Your Back by Cherry + the Fever Dreams

On Your Back is the debut single from Cherry & the Fever Dreams, a 3-piece "grrrl" band from Kent, England. Formed in February of this year, the band have had to confront the pandemic head on, but were determined to start releasing music regardless. As a result, On Your Back was quite the miracle of COVID style DIY sound engineering - it was written and recorded separately in each of the girls' bedrooms and pieced together over long-distance calls and a fleeting mirage of back and forth audio files. And you certainly wouldn't know it from listening!

With ethereal, melodic vocals from Emily Stolton, psych-garage guitar from Emia Demir, and tight drum beats from Zara Kumbasaroglu, this is spooky, soft garage-rock at its finest. The track is reminiscent of The Wytches and Stone Cold Fiction, with its slow, melodic, but still deliciously-fucking-heavy aura. Taking inspiration from artists such as Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, and Placebo, the song references alternative, eclectic sounds that all fuse together into something you've not quite heard before - and will want more of.

Thankfully, there's good news: since releasing On Your Back - an isolation anthem proclaiming the hardships of satan's favourite year 2020 - the dreamy trio are now working hard to record more songs they've been crafting throughout the year, and hope to reinforce the unique sound they've introduced themselves with.

Stream On Your Back on Spotify

Check out the band's zine, Cherry Bomb (all profits go towards GIRLS ROCK LONDON)

Review by Courtney Myers

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