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One Year of Rock Coven

Well, that bloody flew past didn't it?

We've come a long way since our first post just over a year ago. Rock Coven manifested in the depths of the covid hellscape of November 2020 as a way to help promote underground rock(ish) artists - mostly out of frustration with the industry, which seems to hyper-focus on the shittest acts (Yungblud, I am looking directly at you - but that's a whole other article) and ignores the grass-roots bands making the most noise.

I reckon we've done a pretty good job of that so far, having interviewed the likes of cleopatrick, Beach Riot, Lauran Hibberd, Baby Strange, VALERAS, and Saint Agnes to name but a few, as well as reviewing gigs for The Mysterines, SNAYX, False Eyed Dolls and snake eyes.

For half of that I have to thank Chloe, who joined the Coven in November to help ease the delightful burden we have of getting all these amazing artists in your ears and on your playlists. I never imagined she'd be carrying the weight of the blog on her shoulders, but her enthusiasm and drive to keep it running has kept us going more often than not, and for that I am eternally fucking grateful.

We do this purely for the love of the music, and often it can feel like a constant uphill struggle with very little reward. Every like, share and comment, every one of you who is actually reading this right now - it means so much to us. So thanks to you, the reader! I hope you've found your new favourite band from us, and fingers crossed you'll stick around for a little while longer.

Who knows what the coming year will bring - hopefully a fuck tonne of gigs and delicious new releases - but what I do know is that we'll keep striving to advocate for the most authentic, different, new, and exciting music the UK (and sometimes beyond) has to offer.

Stay spooky, and fuck Yungblud.

Courtney xoxo

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Rock Coven is an inclusive space for fans of all types of rock music - from grunge to britpop, indie to heavy rock, we've got you covered. We love to champion unsigned acts, whilst still keeping you up to date on firm favourites.  

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