INTERVIEW: Pit Pony on their new single, Hard Rainfall

Hard Rainfall is the latest release from fuzz-fuelled, Newcastle based 5 piece Pit Pony. Made up of Jackie (vocals), Potter (bass), Garth (guitar), Andrew (guitar), Joey (drums), they're one of the north-east's most celebrated modern garage-rock bands, and have quickly gained a reputation for their gut-punching yet melodic sound.

The third and final installment of a series, Hard Rainfall was recorded back in March at Pigsx7’s Blank Studios in Newcastle. It follows singles Opportunity Went and Sulk, both of which aired on BBC6 Music supported by Steve Lamacq and have built upon the success of last year's playlisted debut single Osaka.

A moody, atmospheric track that opens like a horror film - everything about Hard Rainfall is a little bit creepy (just how we like it), from Jackie's slow and assured vocals to the ever-changing pace of percussion that constantly catches you off guard. The chorus is everything you'd expect from Pit Pony - catchy and melodic but still fuelled by devilish, head-bang worthy, unfiltered noise.

If you've not yet wrapped your ears around these guys, you should expect nothing less than a perfectly layered and full-bodied sound akin to the likes of Wolf Alice, The Mysterines and The Blinders.

Lyrically, Hard Rainfall is about “being honest, saying how you feel and not running away from situations. Things are better when you let people in and face them together.” Definitely a theme we can get behind amongst the enforced isolation of 2020.

Alas, Pit Pony have been kind enough to give us something to look forward to amongst the chaos: a video and recorded live performance will accompany the track before the band enter the studio to record their much anticipated debut album in Feb 2021!


Courtney: What were your biggest musical influences for the track?

Andrew: Musically, it’s a bit of a slow builder and we wanted to create a sense of anticipation with the ebb and flow of it. We’d like to think it’s quite eerie and atmospheric, while still packing a punch. The atmospheric aspect actually came out more in recording, which was a bit different for us as we normally have a pretty strict idea of the sound already - but it definitely turned out to be a good thing. So I guess you could say we were influenced by production more than music for this one.

How did old Miss Rona affect your plans for releasing music?

To be honest, I think over most of lockdown we were sadly busier with real life and all the issues it caused, so band activities were on hold for a while. Thankfully as we’d recorded 3 new tracks the week before it hit in March we had enough stuff to plan and see us through. Hard Rainfall is the last of those 3 tracks.

Have you found the events of this year a help or hindrance creatively?

Trying to stay creative has been tough, but we've all still managed to keep writing. It’s always collaborative. Most of the time someone has a riff or chord progression and we start with that and shape the song together in practice. Occasionally though someone might have a more complete track they’ve done at home, and this has become much more common with the difficulty of getting together. We’ll be in the studio in Feb to record our debut album which will be out later in the year, hopefully by which time ‘normal’ gigs can re-start, although we won’t hold our breath on that front the way things are being handled.

What does the coming year looks like for you guys, especially with the upcoming album?

Our main focus at the minute is the album, however, we’ve got a few things lined up for Hard Rainfall that we’ve never done before. We are releasing a limited edition single with our very first track, Osaka, as the B side. We're pretty excited about this and it feels great to put something out after such a strange year. Pre-orders will be available on our Bandcamp Friday 27th November.

Stream Hard Rainfall on Spotify and Apple Music.

Review and interview by Courtney Myers

Photography by Yakamoz Film

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