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SINGLE REVIEW: Rockstar by Momma

Brooklyn-based Momma, led by singers and guitarists Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman, have just released their new single Rockstar, a tasty slice of infectiously grungey pop that signals the start of a huge year for the band.

Momma by Cooper Winterson

The track follows November’s dynamic and energetic Medicine, their first release under new label home Lucky Number - which earned support from the likes of Rolling Stone and NME.

The four-piece have also announced their first ever headline UK shows, including London's iconic Windmill, as well as supporting one of our Sounds of 2022, Wet Leg, on their US tour - so you already know Momma are right up our alley.

Rockstar is a triumphant celebration of all things noughties grunge, kicking off with a symphony of flawlessly layered bass and guitar tones paired with nostalgic drumbeats. Just as you've re-entered the year 2003, the first verse strips it right back - giving us time to gawk over Allegra and Etta's effortlessly-cool-without-being-pretentious vocals, and get wrapped up in the lyrical story of it all.

Sonically building in fearless force in the following verses, finally we reach the echoically catchy chorus which flows into a mad guitar solo. Yes, you read that right. Where did solos go?! We miss them. So much. Thank you Momma for bringing them back (we're manifesting that this becomes a trend).

To enjoy Rockstar to its fullest, you absolutely have to watch the accompanying video. It pays homage to some of our childhood rock-comedy favourites like Josie and the Pussycats, School of Rock and Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Who didn't want to be Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday, really?

“Etta and I wanted to write a song about making it big, and becoming rock stars. We didn’t want to take anything too seriously, lyrically, or musically. We just wanted the song to sound big,” says Allegra. “We thought it would be cool to have our own little rockumentary condensed in a 3-minute music video. It’s also kind of like a manifestation - I think we shamelessly want all of these things to happen in our careers.”

Momma are working on their debut album (deets to come), but in the meantime you can blast Rockstar on repeat in your parents suburban garage and catch them in May on the following dates:

6th May 2022 - Headrow House - Leeds (supporting Illuminati Hotties)

10th May 2022 - Windmill - London

14th May - Yes - Manchester

Stream Rockstar on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Courtney Myers

Photography by Cooper Winterson

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