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INTERVIEW: SNAYX on their new single, Cigarette

If you've been around the Coven for a while now, you'll have heard the name SNAYX slithering around. If you haven't already taken the plunge into their dirty riffs, snarling basslines, and all-around edible punk-rock sounds, then now's your chance as the duo have blessed us with an almighty new track, Cigarette.

SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery
SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery

Brighton/Seaford noise-makers SNAYX are Charlie Herridge (vocals/guitar) and Ollie Horner (bass). If you've heard their killer tracks like Deranged, Body Language, or False Friends (so good it was one of our Top 10 Singles of 2021), then you know this pair are all about their scuzzy hooks, gritty vocals, and mosh-worthy choruses.

After many an intimate, sweaty SNAYX gig, we've been starving for the official release of the new track, Cigarette. Thankfully, the serpent duo are serving us the whole damn platter. Lyrically, Cigarette is dark and deliciously heated as it explores a consuming toxic romance. Sonically, well, fuck - it's signature SNAYX all over, with its thumping drum beats, pulse-quickening bassline, and filthy vocal melodies.

Warning: Cigarette is addictive as fuck and you won't be able to resist lighting it up over and over again.

With SNAYX unveiling another fuzz-fuelled single, we thought it was about time we sat down and had a proper chinwag with the pair:

Hey Ollie and Charlie, thanks for chatting with us! How have you both been since we last saw you smashing up Scala?

Hey guys! Thanks for having us.

What a gig that was. We’ve since supported Tigercub with Bad Nerves, played our first Manchester show, caught Covid and have just released our new single Cigarette.

Take us back to the beginning of SNAYX. How did you both meet and form the band?

We’ve both been in bands together before, but weren’t satisfied with the amount of gigs we were (weren’t) playing. So one afternoon in Seaford, we met up at the ‘Golden Palace’ restaurant and formed SNAYX over a succulent Chinese meal. SNAYX Manifest.

When you started out, what was your goal for SNAYX?

Play a lot more gigs. We never thought we’d end up in a position where now we’re playing with our favourite bands and in cities like Manchester and Glasgow. That was always our goal, to venture outside our hometown and play to new places. You never know where your music will take you and that’s the beauty of it.

With a couple years gigging and releasing music under your belts now, are your goals any different?

More or less the same goals, but scaled up. We’ve got big plans this year musically (more on this soon), and it’s always been a dream to someday play some festivals like The Great Escape as an official artist.🤞

SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery
SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery

We're so excited that you have a new song out for us to blast on repeat! Tell us a bit about how Cigarette came to be.

The writing process was actually really straightforward. Ollie had a great riff and the vocal melodies just fell straight into place for me (Charlie) with ease. The part that took longest to write was actually the chorus hook. We originally only had the backing vocals in the chorus section but couple days before we took it to the recording studio I just had an itch that it needed something else. We sat down and after 20 minutes the song was complete.

Like False Friends, Cigarette is about toxic relationships. Would you say that it's cathartic to write about these experiences?

Yeah absolutely! Cigarette takes a slightly different approach to False Friends. False Friends has a sort of resentment and distaste in it’s subject matter, whereas Cigarette is much more bittersweet… It centres around the initial thrill of a whirlwind romance. The addictive nature of being romantically involved, but then slowly starting to realise you’re simply being used. To be only wanted only when it’s convenient for them. The struggle to move on and break the habit.

We love that you always open your sets with the Vengaboys' We Like To Party. What's the story behind playing that song?

It’s a straight banger and sums up our tongue-in-cheek attitude. Also, it sets the tone and energy level for the whole performance!

SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery
SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery

Are you planning to release your other tracks, such as Work and FAYX, this year?

Without saying too much, we can promise A LOT more new music this year. 👀

We've seen you play in different cities with incredible bands like Kid Kapichi, LibraLibra, and False Eyed Dolls, and your live energy is always ferocious! Where is the Bucky Bus heading to next for SNAYX?

We love all those bands and it’s always a pleasure sharing a stage with them.

Bucky Bus. Next stop: UK Tour! Catch us in London, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow and Blackpool. Tickets on sale here.

You were just included in our Rock Coven Sounds of 2022 list (obviously). Who are some bands that you think people should keep an eye on this year?

Yes, thank you for including us! Our 2022 ones to watch include the likes of LibraLibra, Monakis, Play Dead, Lambrini Girls, Doss and fellow serpents - snake eyes.

Amazing picks. Thanks for talking with us, SNAYX! We can't wait to see you tear up a stage again this year.

Thank you and see you soon!

Like the sound of SNAYX? Take a glance into our crystal ball and check out the Coven's Sounds of 2022. There's even a handy playlist you can save on Spotify.

Catch SNAYX on tour:

January 28th - Shacklewell Arms, London

January 29th - Green Door Store, Brighton

February 9th - The Victoria, Birmingham

February 12th - Record Junkee, Sheffield

February 17th - The Hug and Pint, Glasgow

February 18th - Bootleg Social, Blackpool

Tickets on sale here!

Stream Cigarette on Spotify and Apple Music

Review and interview by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Leila-Mae Rummery

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