We like to party - and we like it even more when it’s with our crazy pals, Seaford punk-rock pair SNAYX. On Thursday 4th November, we had the pleasure of watching them support Kid Kapichi at London’s Scala on their Big Sexy Tour, along with fellow B-town babes PROJECTOR.

SNAYX by Briony Graham-Rudd

You might recall that our first encounter with the devilish duo was a few weeks ago at The Hope and Ruin - and once again it was a baptism of fire for the evening as they come onstage to the Vengaboys classic to get the party atmosphere underway. It’s truly a wonderful thing to watch the unsuspecting crowd transition from thinking they’re in a 00’s disco to being obliterated by Charlie’s Buckfast-infused growls and Ollie’s snarling stare.

Launching straight into unreleased Drill followed by their most popular song so far - Body Language - the boys aren’t here to mess about. Slow and steady wins the race with this track, building in pace with a confident swagger that eventually erupts into a glorious mayhem. It’s at this point we realised we weren’t the only SNAYX fans in the building, as lyrics are chanted right back from the crowd while Ollie boldly strides onto the barrier, projecting bouncy basslines right into the audience. Charlie’s cool-as-a-cucumber vocal performance is the absolute fucking opposite of what is happening on stage - not only is this a band you need to hear, but one we urge you to see.

SNAYX by Briony Graham-Rudd

Debut single Deranged is up next. We reckon when LMFAO wrote Party Rock Anthem this is basically what they were talking about. Featuring some particularly saucy beats from session drummer Josh and a riff that just won’t quit, “derangedperfectly describes the scene onstage now that everyone is nice and warmed up. Cigarette follows, highlighting how much chemistry the two have. It’s a lovely thing to watch (in a frantic, mesmerising way) and elevates their immaculate performance to a whole other level.

Recent release False Friends brims with grungey goodness as SNAYX continue to lap up the affection of the audience - Charlie locks foreheads with several members of the crowd, all the while still delivering a perfect performance. Most people were loving it. A few were terrified. And that’s what makes it a SNAYX gig.

SNAYX by Briony Graham-Rudd

The Buckfast had long been flowing at this point, but another bottle was popped open for unreleased Buck, an ode to the boys favourite beverage, for which The Bucky Bus, their van, gets its name. By now you should have a good sense of what a pair of characters these two really are, because the Scala crowd definitely did. Tonic-wine anthem over, Charlie asks members of the audience what they do for work before firing into Work - a feisty, relentless anti-capitalist banger, as all the best songs are. The last track of the night is Fayx, a real fan favourite (but still unreleased!) - that incites a circle pit. It’s safe to say that if you need a crowd warming up, SNAYX are your guys.

SNAYX by Briony Graham-Rudd

Second support of the night was PROJECTOR, who you already know we love. Delighting us with our fav tracks like Zero, Break Your Own Heart and Feels Like Something, they also treated us to a Pixies cover, and announced the wonderful news that they’ll be playing at Camden Assembly on the 10th of March.

Headliners Kid Kapichi dive headfirst into Sardines, and the energy in the room goes through the roof. Following up with more punky bangers including Glitterati, Thugs, Working Man’s Town, Lucky Ones and Death Dips. We were also treated to a song written specifically to get people to buy merch, which included beautifully poetic lines like “go and buy our fucking merch” and “help us pay our rent” - very relatable content. After an encore, the night ends on Violence, an apt finale to a wonderfully chaotic evening. Thank you to SNAYX for having us, a pleasure as always!

SNAYX upcoming shows:

27th November - Chalk, Brighton (supporting Tigercub with Bad Nerves)

4th December - The Piper, St Leonards (supporting Breezer)

18th December - The Eagle, Manchester (supporting Sugarstone)

22nd January - Yes, Manchester (supporting Manalishi with Fräulein)

Review by Courtney Myers

Photography by Briony Graham-Rudd

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