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INTERVIEW: SNAYX on their new single, Work

The devil works hard, but SNAYX Work harder. The Brighton duo are single-handedly dismantling capitalism in their new track, the first since Cigarette was released early this year (check out our interview if you missed it!). We caught up with the ever-delightful Charlie and Ollie to find out what's been going on in the serpent kingdom since then.

“The song is about feeling disillusioned with the capitalist mentality of work and education,” say the band. “Never fitting in or feeling good enough. The school system is designed to judge everyone by the same academic parameters that everyone is expected to fit into. You’re brought up to slot into a system where you’re almost forced to work and take on loans/mortgages, where you’re working until you retire or die trying to pay it off. It crushes our ability to be creative which can lead to depression and anxiety.”


Propelled by a militant drumbeat, Work is a cerebral call to arms, laced with a dark and punchy bassline. Chock full of vitriolic vocals that ooze angst, if you're looking for a dastardly duo to rally the troops, look no further than SNAYX. Tories, take this as a warning: the pair won't be shutting up any time soon.

SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery

SNAYX started as more of a concept than a functioning band, as the pair were busy going to as many gigs as possible. They’d talk about the band to anyone who would listen, hungry to be part of the scene. One fateful evening the universe stepped in, and in the smoking area of a Brighton venue, local punks Kid Kapichi extended an invitation to open for them. Despite not having a single finished song between them, of course they said yes. That changed over a frantic few days, where all of those conversations about ethos, influence and intention rapidly materialised as a furious 30-minute set.

The gig went better than anyone could've expected, and SNAYX were born. A series of support slots followed, alongside a DIY headline tour. “That’s when everything clicked into place,” says Charlie. “Onstage we really understood what it was, and what it could be. We didn’t want SNAYX to be any one thing. We went into the studio and tried a lot of different styles but it’s only when we started playing live that we knew how the songs needed to sound.” A mix of punk, grime, hip-hop and dance, SNAYX are carving their own niche. "People go mad for it live,” he grins. “I just didn’t want to make any more indie rock music. I needed a creative outlet that was fresh, new and exciting. I wanted something a bit different.”

SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery

With countless shows and festivals under their belt already, SNAYX are covering as much ground as possible, and their music is just as ambitious. “If you limit yourself creatively, you put yourself in a box. We've never wanted to do that,” they say. “We want to work outside of boxes, to make something we truly love. There’s a real scene that's coming through at the minute and it just feels so exciting. We want to be a part of that,” the band explain. “It’s different to the old school punk scene but it’s got the same energy and intensity behind it. It’s really liberating.”

With only three releases to their name, SNAYX have already developed a fearsome reputation and a loyal fanbase. They literally could not fit another person inside Brighton’s Green Door Store for their debut headline show, and a summer of festivals has seen their reputation explode. “I’m soaring with confidence,” Ollie says. “You could ask us to play at Brixton Academy tomorrow and we’d be ready to go. We really weren’t expecting this reaction but it does feel like people really care about what we do.”

SNAYX are hitting hard, and the UK is taking the punch. “People are feeling a lot of angst after years of living under Tory control. For young people, there’s so little for them. Everything feels bleak. Music is such a release though. There’s no violence, no malice at our shows. There’s just joy.”

SNAYX by Leila-Mae Rummery

The band are currently working on their debut EP, and we couldn't be more fucking gassed. Keep yourselves locked in to the Coven for more news on that soon! Until then, get a load of this chat we had with the men of the hour!

Greetings serpent kings, and a big fat congrats on the new single - we've missed you! How does it feel to have new music out again?

Hey gang! ❤️ The reaction to Work has been unreal. It’s being blasted loud in offices and workplaces across the country! We’ve also had support from Daniel P Carter which we’re thrilled about as we’re fans of his show. Eyes peeled for more ‘Work’ related announcements. Shout out to everyone for the support!

The lucky amongst us will have heard Work at a SNAYX gig before, but how would you describe the track to those who haven't?

Yeah it’s often the track we use to open the live show! We dive in head first with maximum intensity. We get straight into the audience’s face, exploding with rage-fuelled lyrics and filthy riffs. Classic Rock Magazine recently described it as If “Blur and IDLES had a baby and fed it Panda Pops, it would have been SNAYX". I don’t think we can describe it much better than that!

SNAYX by Keira Anee

So just pure chaos then! We love that it's such a raging anti-capitalist banger (something we can all get behind), but what was your personal inspiration behind the track?

The song is way to vent our frustrations around the capitalist mentality and system. You work until you retire, or die trying to pay off enforced debt. It crushes our freedom and creativity, and causes a downward spiral that leads to stress, anxiety and depression. We also just really dislike bankers. 🤣

No Canary Wharf gig on the horizon, then. Since we last spoke you've gone from strength to strength: headlined a sold out show at London's Finsbury, performed an incredible set at 2000 Trees, supported Bob Vylan, and been played on Radio 1! What can we look forward to from you in the next few months?

We’ve been so busy this year, it’s easy to overlook our achievements as you’re always planning for the next thing. It’s great to take a step back! We’ve now got a great team behind us, and without saying too much we’ll be spending the next few months in and out of vans, recording some new tunes and dropping lots of signature sneyk sauce online.

Bottle some for us, would ya? Thanks so much for chatting with us, a pleasure as always!

Huge love to you both and look forward to seeing you again soon! 🐍🐍

Review and interview by Courtney Myers

Photography by Leila-Mae Rummery and Keira Anee

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