SINGLE REVIEW: Therapy by Electric Enemy

London-based Electric Enemy are back with another speaker-shattering rager with an angsty core as their latest single Therapy.

Electric Enemy by Lisa Muscat

If you keep up-to-date with our Discovery playlist (and why wouldn't you, it's the best place for fresh rock finds), then you've definitely heard the unforgettably charming rock of Electric Enemy. They caught our attention with their mesmerising grooves and sultry tones in Voices and continued to impress with tracks like Where Do We Go From Here? and All of the Best.

2021 has been a busy year for Electric Enemy, with the release of one EP and a steady stream of hard-hitting singles following, the band show no signs of slowing down. Latest slice Therapy is an unstoppable rampage of intense riffs, vigorous drums, and gritty vocals.

Fizzing in a brooding tension, Therapy fires off into a high-octane chorus where the trio expel their demons with a monstrous clash of intricate guitar licks and gut-punching drumming. Fuelled by undeniable rage, there is no doubt that Therapy is Electric Enemy's heaviest and most aggressive track yet - so it's no surprise that we're eating that shit right up. We can always trust Electric Enemy to serve us some deliciously dark and dirty rock, and they've yet to let us down.

Lyrically, the track details the pent-up anger that comes from emotional repression. Singer and lead songwriter Jim Lawton comments: "Therapy was written around the end of August. I had recently been remembering my own psychotic breakdown when I was 16 where I basically can't remember the following 2 years of my life. As a songwriter it can be quite frightening to expose your inner darkest thoughts. We often try to inject some sort of hope into our songs, but looking back it was all darkness at that point in my life. It was easy to remember the feelings though and I made the choice to essentially lay it all out, even deciding to call the character little Jimmy."

As advocates for therapy, Electric Enemy use their single as a way of expressing their vulnerabilities and opening up conversations surrounding mental health. We love that such a important topic can be approached with the soundtrack of some good ol' scuzzy rock 'n' roll.

The Therapy video is as vibrant and frenzied as you'd hope. Check it out here:

"Musically speaking, this song was a lot of fun to make!" adds Jim. "This is the first time I have started the production of one of our own songs alone, with Orlando (guitar) and Tom (drums) recording their parts remotely. We set about making something so raucous and thrashy that it would even make us take a step back! Once we completed our recording and extra additions of synths and effects, we sent it off to our amazing producer, Sam Miller, who took our explosive track and made it atomic!"

Therapy is the third single from a series of releases that will lead up to an EP set for release early 2022. As if that isn't enough to get you on the Electric Enemy hype train, the band are also working on new material and are planning for their highly anticipated debut album! You know we at the Coven can't fucking wait for more.

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Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Lisa Muscat

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