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SINGLE REVIEW: This World Ain't Big Enough by Saint Agnes

This World Ain't Big Enough is the latest single from feisty four-piece, Saint Agnes. The London-based gothic psych-rock gang, fronted by Kitty Arabella Austen and Jon James Tufnell, also released a twisted new video for the track.

With keys chilling enough to give you nightmares, a killer chainsaw-esque riff, and Kitty's detached yet threatening vocals, spooky season definitely isn't over yet. There's something cinematic about this song (and every other Saint Agnes piece) that would lend itself perfectly to something created by Ryan Murphy - AHS season 10, anyone?

With opening lyrics like"You call me evil, but baby I'm so much worse", This World Ain’t Big Enough discusses a dangerously toxic relationship - someone you love to death, literally. This was a result of leads Jon and Kitty locking down together during the 2020 hellscape and struggling with being together all the time, but also finding it impossible to be apart.

Something about this band is just completely different to anything you've ever heard before - a refreshing mix of punk, metal, rock and some kind of ethereal soundscape genre. That said, you can hear the influence of some more tangible artists in their work: Black Sabbath, The Stooges, The White Stripes, and Nine Inch Nails to name a few.

The video is everything you'd expect for the track: macabre, chaotic, dark, through an American Gothic lens. It was filmed on Halloween in an antiques warehouse, in case you were in any doubt of these guys commitment to creepiness. Check it out below!

Stream This World Ain't Big Enough on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Courtney Myers

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