SINGLE REVIEW: What Would Your Mother Say by Kid Kapichi

Alt-rock four-piece Kid Kapichi released a new song, What Would Your Mother Say, as the final single ahead of the arrival of their debut album, This Time Next Year. The track is a gritty, gothic tale of modern England, paired with punky riffs and haunting melodies.

The Hastings quartet have been on the scene since 2016, and have caught our attention in recent years with songs like 2019, with its witty lyricism, and sleazy banger Glitterati. Renowned for their incredible high-energy live shows and heavy rock anthems, Kid Kapichi have gained immense hype surrounding their debut record, and new song What Would Your Mother Say sees them continue to prove that the hype is fucking justified. With their big guitar riffs, heavy percussion, creepy harmonies, and street-wise vocals, Kid Kapichi have firmly cemented themselves as one of the most exciting bands in the UK rock scene.

Following up from the headbanging punk track Self Saboteur, What Would Your Mother Say opens with hypnotic bass and is brimming with attitude. Marrying its clever, nostalgic lyrics and chilling vocals, it paints a tale of the council estate coming-of-age horror story - it's unmistakably British and captures the heart of what Kid Kapichi is. The juxtaposition of lyrics like 'Snatching bags, smoking fags, just like your brother did / And look where that got him', the massive instrumentals, and the creepily melodic harmonies all come together as a perfect post-punk tune that fucking rocks.

Kid Kapichi have come a long way from their ferocious EPs Lucozade Dreams (2018) and Sugar Tax (2019). Their full-length record This Time Next Year was mastered over 2020 in lockdown conditions, true DIY style. It's due to be released on February 5th, and we can’t wait. You can pre-order the album here.

The alt-rockers also have a UK tour lined up for the spring in support of their record. While it looks like these shows might be pushed back (cheers, lockdown) and we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can experience the new album in the pit, like Kid Kapichi originally intended, they have a livestream concert planned for Sunday January 31st.

Stream What Would Your Mother Say on Spotify and Apple Music

Review by Chloe Robbins

Photography by Nick Suchak

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